We have all we need

...except for you

Every client is different and so is every project, but 27iD meets the same standards 
regardless of whether you have a small or large project.

Your project’s important to you.
 If it’s important to you, then it’s important to us. And a promise of no techie jargon or buzzwords.

Core Services

  • Website Design

    We create websites for business and authors. Whether it’s a responsive business website, an eCommerce solution, author website or blog, we design to give your website an individual presence that works online.

  • Digital publishing

    We design book covers and convert, publish and upload your manuscript as an eBook for distribution to all major online retailers. We work with authors to format and convert their manuscripts into eBooks so they can be read on every eReader, tablet or smartphone. Your eBook could be online in a few weeks and within reach of readers.

  • Print publishing

    A well designed and formatted book is critical to its success. You’ve spent enough time crafting the words to see it fall at the last hurdle. We do interior formatting, book cover design and arrange for printing through either Lightning Source or CreateSpace for self published books.

  • Presentations

    We craft your copy into a well told presentation. A story with images or videos that convey your concepts, with headlines that snap and very little copy. We create persuasive presentations with Keynote, Prezi or Powerpoint.

  • Logo design and branding

    Your logo can make people connect with your brand and recall your business name. Good logos provide a simple mental short cut to help people quickly understand what your business is about. How it is applied to your stationery, signage, print communication and website tells people about who your company is.

  • Social Media

    We design Facebook and Twitter pages and email campaigns that reflect your brand. Email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube are strong tools to connect with your customers. No matter where your customers follow you, they see consistency in the message and branding.

The Process

  • We need to talk

    That’s usually a phrase that puts the fear of god into man or woman. But in this case, this is a good talk, because you need to tell us about your project. Your vision. What you want to achieve. We’ve talked and agreed on the way forward. You liked the proposal. You liked the quote. 27iD’s hired.

  • We get creative

    Lucky for you, we have just the right dose of it. Depending on your project there may be several steps during this stage.

    Design concepts are submitted for your approval and then we work together to fine tune the best design for you.

  • We build

    We develop and we design. We take that approved concept and turn it into a reality. If it’s a website being built, then we could tell you about web standards and accessibility and about optimising it for mobile devices.

    If it’s for print, then we could tell you about the rules of typography and layouts. And we’ll give you reasons and why we’ve done what we’ve done, during this stage.

  • We test, test, test

    Whether it’s a website or an e-book, it needs to be tested on all major browsers and platforms, and in a variety of eReaders.

    We know how important it is that your site or e-book looks consistently great on everything we throw at it. And we’ll throw a lot at it, and make sure that it meets your expectations before we release it from captivity and into your hands.

  • Raise a glass

    It’s done. It’s finished. Its out there. And we’ve all enjoyed working together until the next time, because we’re sure there’ll be a next time.

  • Need more information?

    Connect with us at hello@27id.com.au or simply pick up the phone and call us on 0410.725.737